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Graham Johnson Optician Ltd are independent opticians based in Hersham, Walton-on-Thames. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest possible standards of professional eye care. From children’s first eye examinations to the supply of quality designer frames, we have all your eye health requirements managed in one place. If recent eye tests have highlighted a need for vision aids or you’re thinking of changing your usual eyewear, you’re likely weighing up whether contact lenses or spectacles will be best.


On this page, we look at the different benefits of the two options to help you decide. Remember, it is always down to your personal choice and what works for someone else may not work for you. Do not hesitate to speak to us about the various products we have available. We will help you find the perfect choice to suit your needs and individuality.


Eye tests are available at our opticians in Walton-on-Thames Monday to Friday from 9:00am until 5:30pm and Saturday from 9:00am until 2:00pm.



Benefits of Spectacles


Spectacles, also known as eyeglasses, are essentially prescription glass mounted in a frame that can be worn in front of the eyes to provide vision correction. They have been used for centuries and modern spectacles come in a huge array of types, including designer frames. They remain a popular option among many of our clients in Walton-on-Thames, who come to us for children’s eye tests, adult eye examinations and optical goods.


The main benefits of spectacles include:


  • Glasses are trendy! They can be used as a fashion statement and with our wide range of designer frames available, it’s easy to find ones that showcase your personality and style
  • You can adjust the amount of light entering your eye for optimum comfort, with photochromic lenses blocking 100% of UV and protecting your eyelids as well as eyes
  • They require little maintenance to keep them in good condition, with microfiber cloths the best thing to use to clean and remove any dust or dirt particles
  • Spectacles are often more cost-effective in the long-run than contact lenses as they don’t need to be replaced as often
  • You can alternate with contact lenses if preferable, wearing glasses day-to-day and contact lenses on a special occasion or if you forget to bring your lenses


Advantages of Contact Lenses


A contact lens is a thin, hard or soft prescription lens designed to float on the tear film layer on the surface of the cornea. They function much like regular spectacles by refracting and focusing light so objects appear more clearly. When trying contact lenses for the first time at our opticians in Walton-on-Thames, or if it has been a while, contact lens-focused eye tests are required. These eye examinations differ slightly to regular ones, as we will check the front surface of your eyes to make sure you can wear contact lenses comfortably and safely.


The main benefits of contact lenses include:


  • They are ideal for anyone with an active lifestyle as they can be easily used during sports and exercising, without bouncing off or steaming up as spectacles would
  • A clear vision can be achieved no matter the activity, as they can even be worn under sunglasses or swimming goggles
  • Contact lenses move with your eye to give you a clear peripheral vision, allowing you to spot things in the corner of your eye without designer frames interfering
  • They are perfect for customers in Walton-on-Thames and the surrounding Surrey areas who want a natural look
  • With daily and monthly contact lenses available at our practice, you can find the perfect balance to suit your lifestyle, budget and preferences


Whether you choose spectacles with designer frames or contact lenses, we welcome you to come to Graham Johnson Optician Ltd for a wide range of optical goods and affordable eye tests in Walton-on-Thames. Established opticians since 1988, we provide personable and professional eye examinations for the whole family. Contact us today.

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