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Your eyesight is starting to lose its vision, you’re unsure what would suit you more – spectacles or contact lenses so you’ve booked in for eye tests. In the time you’ve thought about what might suit you best and maybe wonder how contact lenses benefit your eyesight. For many visitors to our opticians based near Oxshott, we provide the following details when customers ask how contact lenses work. We also offer a range of designer frames available at competitive prices but more about that later…


When you undertake eye tests for contact lenses, we will be able to determine whether you are near-sighted or far-sighted. If you are far-sighted, your eyes will suffer from inadequate focusing power. The light rays don’t form a focus point by the time they reach the retina. Contact lenses and eyeglasses correct the far-sightedness by converging the light rays and this in turn increases the eye power. This moves the eye’s focus onto the retina.


Contact lenses work to correct vision in the same way glasses do. If you are near-sighted, light rays focus early within your eye and form a focus point in front of the retina instead of directly on it. Contact lenses will correct your near-sightedness by diverting light rays which will reduce the eyes focusing power. This moves the eye’s focus point backward onto the retina where it belongs.



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One of the reasons contact lenses work is due to its direct contact with the eye. As glasses are further from the eye, the optic zone of the lenses can be made smaller than the optic zone of lenses. As contact lenses rest directly on the cornea, the optic zone will only be need to 9mm in diameter, which is roughly the same as a pupil in low-light conditions.


As many of our customers from Oxshott will testify, contact lenses are a preferable option as it represents their style and life choices. If you would like to find out more about how contact lenses work, please feel free to come into our opticians and speak to one of our team whilst we carry out eye tests for you.


If you prefer eye glasses then we can present you with a wide range of designer frames that will show off your features in an amazing light. All designer frames come with a 12 month warranty and as leading opticians covering Oxshott; we strive to offer the best possible prices on the market.


If you would like contact lenses or designer frames, why not call us now on 01932 231470 to book an appointment. We are a short drive from the Oxshott area.

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