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A local family opticians in Hersham, Graham Johnson Optician Ltd have been treating clients in Molesey and the surrounding Surrey areas since we first opened in 1988. We provide a complete optical service for all the family, including first eye tests for children. Our personal and friendly approach means our clients regularly come back and recommend us to family and friends. We provide eye examinations, contact lenses, spectacles, designer frames and take care of all your other eye care requirements.


On this page, we’re looking into ways to care for your eye health. For more advice from our fully qualified team, do not hesitate to contact or visit our eye clinic near Molesey.


8 Practical Tips for Healthy Eyes


Even though our eyesight is a huge part of our everyday life, it is amazing how often we neglect to look after it. Across the UK, millions of people suffer from dry eyes, deteriorating eyesight and other eye problems. Yet research suggests only 25% of adults have had eye tests in the past two years or not at all and more than 80% of people are not aware that opticians can spot early signs of cardiovascular disease. To improve eye health care in Molesey and throughout the UK, here are some top tips for better eye health care.



1. Have Regular Eye Tests

Regular eye examinations not only mean early signs of sight deterioration can be detected, but also help to detect underlying health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure. The NHS recommends going to the opticians for eye tests at least once every two years.


2. Know Your Family History

Knowing about your family’s eye health history is more important than many people realise. Many eye diseases are hereditary and knowing your full family eye history helps our team near Molesey provide early diagnosis and intervention to help slow down conditions.


3. Wear Prescribed Eyewear

Wearing your prescribed spectacles and contact lenses will help your vision work more efficiently. Many eye problems develop as we get older, so it is important to visit your local opticians for eye tests and eye examinations to see if you could benefit from prescribed lenses. We offer a wide range of products including stylish glasses with designer frames.


4. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Although many of our clients in and around the Molesey area may not realise it, eating a healthy diet is important to your eye health. Foods rich in omega-3 fats, such as oily fish, as well as lutein and zeaxanthin, found in leafy veg such as kale and spinach, will help you to maintain healthy eyes. Vitamin A, C and E, found in lots of fruit and veg, are also beneficial.


5. Protect Eyes from UV Light

Protect your eyes against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Overexposure leads to a number of eye problems including photokeratitis, a painful eye condition that is essentially sunburn to the cornea and conjunctiva. Remember to wear UV-blocking sunglasses and if you wear spectacles (with or without designer frames) or contact lenses, get ones with UV protection.


6. Address Dry Eye Problems

Dry eyes are becoming an increasing eye health issue among adults, likely due to extended computer use and air-conditioning in offices. When your eyes aren’t producing enough tears, they become dry and sore. Try eye drops to soothe irritation and if the problem persists, visit our opticians near Molesey for dry eye examinations and eye tests. We treat dry eyes.



Smoking is known to increase the risk of eye diseases such as Age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. It also causes you to have dry and irritated eyes more often. Certain risks increase if you smoke and wear contact lenses, as the tar and nicotine on your fingers can contaminate your contact lenses when you handle them, irritating your eyes.


8. Take Screen Breaks

How often do you spend staring at a screen? From looking at a phone to staring at a computer all day at work, to then watching TV, all that screen watching causes your eyes to strain. Take regular breaks away from the screen by looking at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes to give your eyes a break from the screen and reduce strain.



How Our Opticians Can Help


  • Wide range of stunning designer frames available in our optical goods collection
  • Complete eye examinations for the whole family, including children’s first eye tests
  • Diabetic screening, field screening carried out and direct referrals to local hospitals
  • Ideally located opticians for customers in Molesey and the surrounding areas
  • Supply most types of contact lenses, from daily disposables to rigid gas-permeable
  • Free eye examinations under the NHS in certain cases and help with cost of glasses
  • Specialists in treatment of dry eyes and different tests tailored to your eye health


To find out more about our eye tests, contact lenses, designer frames and other optical services in the Molesey area, call us at Graham Johnson Optician Ltd today on 01932 231470.

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