Eye Examinations Explained for Esher Customers


For some Esher customers, visiting opticians for the first time eye examinations can be worrying. At Graham Johnson Optician Ltd, we believe our professional and personalised eye doctor service will instantly relax and make you feel comfortable when undergoing eye tests. If you’re looking for spectacles, contact lenses or designer frames, our optical goods retail team are on hand to help with every aspect of eye care. On this page we explain what happens in eye examinations, if you make the short trip from Esher to our optical goods retail premises in Hersham.


Eye Examinations are carried out by a fully qualified optometrist, which usually takes about 30 minutes. When carrying out eye tests, the eye doctor will check the strength of your eyes as well as look for signs of general health problems. Firstly we’ll ask why you require eye tests? Is it for an initial check-up or have you made the journey from Esher for a specific reason?


If you’re experiencing problems with your vision, the eye doctor will want to know what symptoms you have, how long you’ve had them and if it’s been a sudden or slow process. We’ll require information about any medication you may be taking, if you suffer from headaches or if there’s a history of eye problems in your family. Our opticians will also want to know if you’ve previously worn spectacles or contact lenses.


Specialist Eye Tests


Once we’ve gone through this process, an eye doctor will undertake eye examinations, inside and out, to assess the health of your eyes.  The interior will be tested by a special torch called an ophthalmoscope, which provides a detailed study of the internal structures. This also tests your pupil’s reflexes.


If you already wear spectacles, designer frames or contact lenses, make sure that you bring them with you when you visit the opticians. Your sight will be measured and assessed for distance, near and immediate use. If you use spectacles or contact lenses at your Esher home or when outside, we can determine through our tests to see what helps with the quality and clarity of your vision. We will also check for eye movements and co-ordination to make sure that both eyes are working well together.


After eye examinations have taken place, an eye doctor (or optometrist to give them their correct title), will have a detailed knowledge of the health of your eyes and the quality of your vision. If you require visual correction aids, we will run through the options available to you. That way you can decide if glasses or contact lenses would be best suited to your needs and lifestyle.


We consider ourselves one of the leading opticians covering Esher and the surrounding areas and have a wide range of spectacles and contact lenses available at hugely competitive prices. For those looking for a more stylish pair of glasses, we have many designer frames to choose from. One of our team at our optical goods retail store will be only too happy to help.


Why not call us now on 01932 231470 to book an appointment to speak to one of our opticians about eye examinations? We’re a 10 minute drive from Esher.

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