Eye Tests in Cobham by Leading Opticians


Graham Johnson Optician Limited is a specialist eye doctor who provides eye tests and eye examinations for customers in Cobham and the surrounding areas. We help improve individual’s eyesight and vision and also provide a wide range of spectacles, contact lenses and designer frames to suit your lifestyle and budget. While all this information may not new to some of you, you might like to know what qualifies us as leading opticians.


All opticians in the UK have to abide by the laws set by the General Optical Council. The GOC is an organisation which was set up by the Opticians Act in 1958 to regulate the services provided by opticians and optical goods retail specialists in the UK. It doesn’t matter if you choose our specialist services or another opticians serving the Cobham area, eye examinations must be carried out by a qualified optometrist who’s served four years training. This will include a full time three-year degree course, plus pre-registration training.



Responsible Eye Doctor Services in Cobham


Many of our customers think of an optometrist as an eye doctor who takes a level of responsibility for the health of your eyes. Each eye doctor working at our opticians checks for visual problems and the possibility of an eye disease. They also prescribe spectacles and contact lenses at competitive prices. At our optical goods retail store, we provide a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for eye examinations and eye tests to take place. This is vital for those who may be suffering with nerves about their visit to the opticians.


Alongside our optometrist are the dispensing opticians. This requires three years of training and they offer expert advice on spectacles and contact lenses for Cobham customers. Whilst registered opticians supervise the finer details on your glasses, many optical goods retail shops employ optical assistants to offer advice on what types of eye wear would suit you.


At Graham Johnson Optician, we are proud of our reputation as a leading optical goods retail outlet covering Cobham and all surrounding areas. So if you’re in need of expert eye tests or looking for designer frames to add style and class to your appearance, then you’ve come to the right place.


If you live in Cobham and you’re looking foran experienced eye doctor, call us now on 01932 231470. We’ll book you an appointment at your convenience.

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