The Importance of Eye Tests in Claygate


Have you been driving recently and started to struggle to see properly on the roads of Claygate? Do you get headaches when tired? Are you starting to hold your book further away or closer to your face to read properly? Then it sounds like your suffering the symptoms of vision deterioration. As opticians, we cannot stress enough the importance of eye tests for customers with this predicament. You may be in need of contact lenses, glasses or an upgrade in eyewear. We can even house your new lenses in the latest designer frames.


Firstly though, you will need to address the issues your eyes are facing. When driving in autumn and winter and the nights are closing in on the streets of Claygate, the oncoming headlights can cause major concern. This is quite a common occurrence for males and females in their 40’s. The effect of low-level lighting means that focusing properly can be more difficult than before.


The same problems may be happening when reading after a long day. The print that used to once roll of the page, wherever you sat or lied in your Claygate home, is now only visible if you pull the book or magazine towards you or push further away to focus. This is another sign that eye tests are needed.


Or maybe you’re getting headaches that are unexplainable? One of the common occurrences for continual use of a PC or laptop is to feel light headed or nausea at any given moment. All this can be linked to poor eyesight. If you are receiving any of these symptoms, you need to book in with opticians immediately. We’re based nearby to Claygate and we can book eye tests at short notice if needed.



Contact Lenses and Designer Frames of your Choice!


All eye tests take between 30-40 minutes and we’ll go through all the different options available to you. Contact lenses can be an important lifestyle choice if you don’t want to wear glasses or maybe spectacles are the preferred option. Whatever you choose, our opticians will help you regain your sight for driving, reading and working long hours in front of a computer at your Claygate home. And if you’ve never worn glasses before and want to add character and style to your look then we can provide striking designer frames at great prices.


Call us on 01932 231470 and book yourself in for eye tests now. We provide free NHS examinations for customers in Claygate and the surrounding areas. We await your call!

Graham Johnson Optician Ltd